Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management

Exposure to the entire Crypto market in a single Token.


Below are some key TLDR highlighted points from our whitepaper - we recommend each community member read the document.


BSKT roadmap includes cross-chain expansion and support for emerging projects, aiming for broad-based inclusive growth in the crypto space.


BSKT revolutionizes crypto asset management by offering a dynamic portfolio that captures the market's best opportunities.


Through active treasury management, BSKT ensures portfolios remain aligned with market trends, providing both extrinsic and intrinsic value to investors


Our platform leverages Modern Portfolio Theory to minimize and maximise returns, embodying agility and strategic discipline in crypto investing.

Vesting $BSKT

We chose the communities based on their impact across crypto. Love them or not, these are the groups that drive behaviour, ideas, participation and explore idea's that still don't have mass adoption.


Designed to simplify investment in DeFi, BSKT democratizes access to top-performing assets across blockchain ecosystems with 220k wallets eligible for the airdrop vesting.

Lock-up Duration

Our early contributors have locked up their allocations for 6 months, vesting linearly over 12 months. We want the ecosystem to get an understanding of what this vesting process is all about.

Claiming Process

Your airdrop vests over a 30 day period. You can claim daily, or claim your entire allocation at the end of the 30 days.

An Overview

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